Override embedded-javascript-library lintian warning.
[libmpdclient-debian.git] / debian / rules
2017-10-22 Sebastian HarlOverride embedded-javascript-library lintian warning.
2013-11-23 Sebastian Harlrules: Use dh_autotools-dev* to update config.{sub... libmpdclient-2.9-1
2013-11-23 Sebastian Harlrules: Use dpkg-buildflags to get CPPFLAGS and CFLAGS.
2013-11-23 Sebastian Harlrules: Split build target into build-arch and build...
2010-06-09 Sebastian Harlrules: Let dh_makeshlibs create a dependency on libmpdc... libmpdclient-2.2-1
2009-12-26 Sebastian Harlrules: Run 'make check'. libmpdclient-2.1-1
2009-11-02 Sebastian Harlrules: Install AUTHORS into *all* packages.
2009-10-29 Max Kellermannadded -dbg package
2009-10-29 Sebastian HarlInitial commit.