Fixed a spelling error (spotted by lintian)
[ncmpc-debian.git] / doc / index.rst
2019-01-04 kalikoFixed a spelling error (spotted by lintian)
2018-10-17 Max KellermannLibraryPage: make tag list configurable
2018-10-17 Max Kellermannscreen_artist: rename to "library"
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2018-09-28 Max Kellermanndoc/index.rst: fix typo
2018-09-14 Max KellermannStyles: allow configuring per-style background colors
2018-09-14 Max Kellermanndoc: refactor the "Colors" section
2018-09-10 Max KellermannMerge branch 'master' of
2018-09-10 Max KellermannTitleBar: re-add option `welcome-screen-list`
2018-09-10 Max Kellermannalways show the screen list at the top
2018-09-03 Max Kellermannconf: support $XDG_CONFIG_HOME
2018-09-03 Max Kellermanndoc: remove stray ":command"
2018-09-03 Max KellermannMerge branch 'master' of git://
2018-08-18 Todd ZullingerProgressBar: fix 'progressbar-background' doc entry
2018-02-25 Max KellermannProgressBar: dark gray background line
2018-02-25 Max Kellermanndoc/ncmpc.1: migrate to Sphinx