doc/ rename API documentation directory to "api"
[ncmpc-debian.git] / doc / ncmpc.1
2017-09-21 Max Kellermanndoc/ncmpc.1: update connection setup, add local socket
2017-09-21 Max Kellermanndoc/ncmpc.1: replace obsolete Mantis link
2016-08-18 Max Kellermannstrfsong: implement "%disc%"
2014-05-28 Simon ArlottImplement a search-format configuration option (Mantis...
2012-08-10 Jonathan Neuschäferncmpc.1: remove double-spaces (" ")
2012-08-10 Jonathan Neuschäferstrfsong: add %albumartist%, %composer%, and %performer%
2012-08-10 Jonathan Neuschäferncmpc.1: update the list of "metadata delimiters"
2012-06-12 Jonathan Neuschäferncmpc.1: fix song format example: %file% can't fail
2012-06-12 Jonathan Neuschäferstrfsong: evaluate literal text as "true"
2012-06-12 Jonathan Neuschäferncmpc.1: describe the "chat" protocol
2012-06-12 Jonathan Neuschäferncmpc.1: document the "chat-prefix" option
2012-06-12 Max KellermannMerge branch 'chat' of git://
2012-05-02 Jonathan Neuschäferadd an initial version of a chat screen
2012-01-04 Jonathan Neuschäfershow the path of the config files in --version output
2012-01-04 Jonathan Neuschäferncmpc.1: update --version documentation
2011-12-22 Jonathan Neuschäferncmpc.1: the default connection timeout is 5 seconds
2011-12-22 Jonathan Neuschäferscreen_lyrics: optionally ask before starting an editor
2011-12-22 Jon Sailordoc: remove obsolete --exit documentation
2011-12-22 Jon Sailoroptions: configurable timeout for MPD connections
2011-12-17 Jonathan NeuschäferAdd option "text-editor"
2011-09-21 Isabell LongMinor grammar errors and inconsistent punctuation in...
2011-09-03 Jonathan Neuschäfermanpage: update the search-mode documentation
2011-08-21 Jonathan Neuschäferimplement the "lyrics-timeout" config option
2011-08-09 Jonathan Neuschäferscreen_lyrics: optionally show the plugin used
2011-07-26 Jonathan Neuschäferremove the rest of the splash screen
2011-07-26 Jonathan Neuschäferncmpc.1: document the browser color options
2010-07-30 Sebastian Harldoc: Updated manpage.
2010-01-01 Max KellermannMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-12-27 Sebastian Harldoc/ncmpc.1: fixed some typos
2009-11-24 Andy Spencercolors: Change config to use attribute list
2009-11-23 Matt Portasadded option "second-column"
2009-09-10 Max KellermannMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-09-09 Thomas Jansenautomatically save lyrics
2009-06-14 Max Kellermannlist_window: added the "hardware_cursor" option
2009-04-09 Patrick Hallendoc: Updated config.sample.
2009-04-08 Jeffrey Middletonadded scroll-offset option; fixed scrolling bug
2009-03-30 Max KellermannMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-03-28 Patrick Hallenman: Added "jump-prefix-only" to the configuration...
2009-03-27 Jeffrey Middletonman: configuration section updated
2009-02-09 Max Kellermanndocumentation for the new "bell-on-wrap" option
2008-09-21 J. Alexander Treumanncmpc.1: -k is the short version of --key-file, not -P
2007-02-16 Andreas Obergrusbergerway too much stuff to describe here
2006-09-09 Andreas Obergrusberger
2006-09-08 Andreas Obergrusbergerupdate manpage
2006-08-04 Andreas Obergrusbergerthe updated sources
2006-03-28 Kalle Wallinunicode fixes from Dmitry Baryshkov/René van Bevern
2006-01-16 Kalle Wallinincluded patch from Jonathan Fors
2005-06-11 Kalle WallinFixed path misstype, added seek-time, hide-cursor
2004-06-24 Kalle WallinMade the xterm title dynamic, added configuration optio...
2004-06-24 Kalle WallinAdded configuration option - set-xterm-title
2004-06-22 Kalle WallinAdded options: audible-bell, visible-bell, wrap-around...
2004-06-16 Kalle WallinChanged option syntax and added list-format and status...
2004-06-05 Kalle WallinAdded initial i18n support
2004-05-07 Kalle WallinRedesigned ncmpc's color support
2004-05-03 Kalle WallinThe background color can now be assigned to 'none'...
2004-04-23 Kalle WallinDocumentation update.
2004-04-05 Kalle WallinRemoved old reference to mpc-ncurses.
2004-03-31 Kalle WallinFixed som spelling errors.
2004-03-31 Kalle WallinDocumentation changes for the 0.10.0 realease.
2004-03-24 Kalle WallinAdded information about the --exit option.
2004-03-19 Kalle WallinImported ncmpc (mpc-ncures).