screen_find: make the ListRenderer mandatory
[ncmpc-debian.git] / src / ArtistListPage.cxx
2018-03-17 Max Kellermannscreen_find: make the ListRenderer mandatory
2018-03-17 Max KellermannListWindow: replace callback function with abstract...
2018-03-16 Max Kellermanncharset: add class Utf8ToLocale
2018-03-14 Max Kellermann{Artist,Album}ListPage: use "findadd" instead of "find...
2018-03-14 Max KellermannArtistListPage: remove unused parameter from add_query()
2018-03-14 Max Kellermann{Artist,Album}ListPage: simplify status message
2018-03-14 Max Kellermannscreen_artist: split into three Page implementations