plugin: convert plugin_fd_add() to method
[ncmpc-debian.git] / src / Instance.hxx
2019-09-08 Max Kellermanncopyright year 2019
2019-04-09 Max Kellermannkeyboard: split class
2019-01-25 Max KellermannInstance: fix wrong timer object in ScheduleCheckKeyBin...
2018-09-26 Max Kellermann*: disable expires_from_now() exceptions by passing...
2018-09-25 Max Kellermannswitch from GMainLoop to boost::asio
2018-09-25 Max KellermannMain: move do_mpd_update() into class Instance
2018-09-25 Max Kellermannplayer_command: move the seek timer to class DelayedSeek
2018-09-24 Max KellermannInstance: new class, currently holding ScreenManager