ListCursor: store only height, move width to class ListWindow
[ncmpc-debian.git] / src / ListWindow.cxx
2019-04-10 Max KellermannListCursor: store only height, move width to class...
2019-04-10 Max KellermannListWindow: use GetHeight()
2019-04-10 Max KellermannListWindow: include cleanup
2019-04-10 Max KellermannListWindow: move cursor management code to class ListCursor
2018-09-25 Max KellermannListWindow: add `noexcept`
2018-09-25 Max Kellermannswitch from GMainLoop to boost::asio
2018-09-20 Max KellermannMerge branch 'docs_patch' of git://
2018-09-18 Max KellermannMatch: remove case folding
2018-09-18 Max KellermannMatch: support "!anchored" in "mini" mode
2018-09-18 Max KellermannMatch: implement fallback without regex
2018-09-18 Max KellermannMatch: convert compile_regex() and match_regex() to...
2018-09-18 Max Kellermannmatch: rename to Match.cxx
2018-09-18 Max Kellermannoptions: rename to struct Options
2018-09-18 Max KellermannListWindow: merge the two Jump() implementations
2018-09-18 Max KellermannListWindow: use AtScopeExit() to free the GRegex
2018-09-12 Max KellermannListWindow: include cleanup
2018-09-12 Max Kellermanncolors: rename to "style"
2018-09-10 Max KellermannMerge branch 'master' of
2018-09-07 Max KellermannCommand: convert to strictly-typed enum
2018-09-07 Max Kellermanncommand: rename to Command.?xx
2018-03-18 Max Kellermannoptions: use std::chrono::seconds instead of GTime
2018-03-18 Max Kellermann*: use screen_status_message() instead of screen_status...
2018-03-17 Max KellermannListText: pass buffer to method
2018-03-17 Max KellermannListWindow: convert list_window_callback_fn_t to an...
2018-03-17 Max KellermannListWindow: refactor the second Paint() overload to...
2018-03-17 Max KellermannListWindow: call row_color_end() in both Paint() overloads
2018-03-17 Max KellermannListWindow: replace callback function with abstract...
2018-02-25 Max KellermannSize: new struct
2018-02-23 Max KellermannListWindow: add method ListWindowRange::Contains()
2018-02-23 Max KellermannListWindow: fix HandleMouse() parameter type
2018-02-23 Max KellermannListWindow: move functions into the struct
2018-02-23 Max KellermannListWindow: add missing include
2018-02-23 Max KellermannListWindow: rename the source files