screen: add `noexcept`
[ncmpc-debian.git] / src / screen.cxx
2019-09-09 Max Kellermannscreen: add `noexcept`
2019-09-08 Max Kellermanninclude cleanups (using iwyu)
2019-09-08 Max Kellermanncopyright year 2019
2019-08-19 Max Kellermannscreen: add "pure" attribute
2018-10-05 Hosted WeblateMerge branch 'origin/master' into Weblate
2018-10-05 Max KellermannMerge branch 'master' of
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannscreen: use mpdclient::GetCurrentSong()
2018-09-25 Max Kellermannplayer_command: move the seek timer to class DelayedSeek
2018-09-20 Max KellermannMerge branch 'docs_patch' of git://
2018-09-18 Max Kellermannoptions: rename to struct Options
2018-09-12 Max Kellermanninclude cleanup
2018-09-10 Max KellermannMerge branch 'master' of
2018-09-10 Max Kellermannalways show the screen list at the top
2018-09-10 Max KellermannPageMeta: add Command attribute
2018-09-10 Max Kellermannscreen_interface: rename struct screen_functions to...
2018-09-07 Max KellermannCommand: convert to strictly-typed enum
2018-03-18 Max Kellermannoptions: convert screen_list to a std::vector
2018-03-18 Max Kellermannscreen: don't include glib.h from header
2018-03-18 Max Kellermann*: use screen_status_message() instead of screen_status...
2018-03-17 Max Kellermannscreen_*: rename the source files
2018-03-16 Max Kellermannmpdclient: add attribute playing_or_paused
2018-03-14 Max KellermannPage: add attribute "pending_events"
2018-03-14 Max Kellermannscreen: add local "events" variable
2018-03-14 Max KellermannPage: pass idle event mask to Update()
2018-03-14 Max Kellermannscreen_init: lazy Page::OnResize() calls
2018-03-14 Max KellermannSize: add operator==()
2018-03-11 Max KellermannScreenManager: convert pointers to references
2018-02-26 Max Kellermannscreen: move mode_fn_prev into class ScreenManager
2018-02-26 Max Kellermannscreen: eliminate two redundant Paint() calls
2018-02-25 Max KellermannSize: new struct
2018-02-25 Max KellermannPoint: new struct
2018-02-22 Max Kellermannscreen: move code from Init() to constructor
2018-02-22 Max Kellermannscreen: move code from Exit() to destructor
2018-02-22 Max Kellermannscreen_paint: move ProgressBar::Set() call to ScreenMan...
2018-02-22 Max Kellermannscreen: pass struct mpdclient as reference, not pointer
2018-02-22 Max KellermannStatusBar: add method Update(), cache formatted strings
2018-02-21 Max Kellermannscreen: move global variable to Main.cxx
2018-02-21 Max Kellermannscreen_{file,song,lyrics}: pass ScreenManager reference...
2018-02-21 Max Kellermannscreen_interface: pass ScreenManager& to init()
2018-02-21 Max KellermannTitleBar: add method Update(), cache mpd_status details
2018-02-21 Max KellermannTitleBar: convert to class
2018-02-21 Max Kellermannscreen: un-inline constructor and destructor
2018-02-20 Max Kellermannscreen: eliminate references to the global "screen...
2018-02-20 Max Kellermannscreen: convert screen_next_mode() to a method
2018-02-20 Max Kellermannscreen_list: move screen names to struct screen_functions
2018-02-19 Max Kellermannmpdclient: move several functions into the struct
2018-02-19 Max KellermannPage: add "dirty" flag
2018-02-19 Max Kellermannscreen_interface: move class Page to Page.hxx
2018-02-19 Max Kellermannscreen_interface: add abstract class Page
2018-02-18 Max Kellermannscreen: move functions into class ScreenManager
2018-02-18 Max Kellermannscreen: rename struct screen to ScreenManager
2018-02-18 Max Kellermannupdate copyright year to 2018
2018-02-18 Max Kellermannbuild with C++ compiler