ListWindow: replace callback function with abstract class
[ncmpc-debian.git] / src / screen_find.cxx
2018-03-17 Max KellermannListWindow: replace callback function with abstract...
2018-03-16 Max Kellermannwreadln: return std::string
2018-03-16 Max Kellermannscreen_find: local buffer, don't (ab)use ScreenManager...
2018-03-16 Max Kellermannscreen_find: WRLN_MAX_LINE_SIZE constexpr
2018-03-16 Max Kellermannscreen_find: use true/false instead of 1/0
2018-02-23 Max KellermannListWindow: move functions into the struct
2018-02-22 Max Kellermannscreen_find: pass ScreenManager&
2018-02-18 Max Kellermannlist_window: use CamelCase
2018-02-18 Max Kellermannupdate copyright year to 2018
2018-02-18 Max Kellermannbuild with C++ compiler