Update changelog
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2018-10-04 Max Kellermanncharset: add Utf8ToLocale() constructor with length
2018-10-04 Max Kellermanncharset: add "length" parameter to utf8_to_locale()
2018-10-04 Max Kellermanncharset: make utf8_to_locale() and locale_to_utf8(...
2018-10-02 Max Kellermannutil/StringUTF8: remove unused function utf8_width()
2018-10-02 Max KellermannStatusBar, ...: use StringWidthMB() instead of utf8_width()
2018-10-02 Max Kellermannutil/StringUTF8: remove unused function AtWidthUTF8()
2018-10-02 Max KellermannSongPage: use AtWidthMB() instead of AtWidthUTF8()
2018-10-02 Max Kellermanncharset: remove the unused replace_*() functions
2018-10-02 Max Kellermannconf: reimplement XDG without GLib
2018-10-02 Max Kellermannconf: reimplement g_file_test()
2018-10-02 Max Kellermannconf: read_rc_file() returns bool
2018-10-02 Max Kellermannconf: use mkdir() instead of g_mkdir()
2018-10-02 Max Kellermannconf: reimplement check_screen_list() without g_strspli...
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannmpdclient: convert more functions to methods
2018-10-01 Max KellermannQueuePage: use attribute `playlist`
2018-10-01 Max KellermannQueuePage: use std::move_backward() to fix crash bug
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannmpdclient: convert more functions to methods
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannmpdclient: rename `song` to `current_song`
2018-10-01 Max KellermannLyricsPage: use mpdclient::GetPlayingSong()
2018-10-01 Max KellermannLyricsPage: merge duplicate code to MaybeLoad()
2018-10-01 Max KellermannLyricsPage: pass reference to Load()
2018-10-01 Max KellermannSongPage: use mpdclient::GetPlayingSong()
2018-10-01 Max KellermannQueuePage: use song position for SELECT_PLAYING
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannmpdclient: add method GetCurrentSongPos()
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannmpdclient: add method GetPlayingSongId()
2018-10-01 Max KellermannQueuePage: compare song pointers in SCREEN_LYRICS handler
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannscreen: use mpdclient::GetCurrentSong()
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannmpdclient: add method GetPlayingSong()
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannmpdclient: remove unnecessary nullptr check
2018-10-01 Max KellermannDelayedSeek: use mpd_status_get_song_id() instead of...
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannplayer_command: remove redundant GetConnection() call
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannmain: simplify GetCurrentSong()
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannmain: use mpdclient::GetCurrentSong()
2018-10-01 Max KellermannChatPage: remove redundant nullptr check
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannmpdclient: fix fallout from previous commit
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannaconnect: convert handler to abstract class
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannaconnect: include cleanup
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannnet/AsyncResolveConnect: catch local socket connect...
2018-10-01 Max KellermannQueuePage: fix nullptr dereference in SELECT_PLAYING...
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannconf: assign the std::vector to allow RVO
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannconf: simplify parse_key_definition() using strchr()
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannconf: use StripRight() instead of g_strchomp()
2018-10-01 Max KellermannChatPage: eliminate GLib by using std::string (and...
2018-10-01 Max KellermannChatPage: convert screen_chat_get_prefix() and screen_c...
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannplugin: fix #include for kill()
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannplugin: use opendir() instead of g_dir_open()
2018-10-01 Max Kellermannplugin: use `unsigned` instead of `guint`
2018-09-27 Max Kellermannplugin: convert functions to methods
2018-09-27 Max Kellermannplugin: add `noexcept`
2018-09-27 Max KellermannFileBrowserPage: use class Utf8ToLocale
2018-09-27 Max Kellermannsave_playlist: pass const strings
2018-09-27 Max KellermannMatch: use libpcre directly instead of GLib
2018-09-27 Max KellermannMatch: use strncasecmp() instead of g_ascii_strncasecmp()
2018-09-27 Max KellermannMatch: add `noexcept`
2018-09-27 Max KellermannFileListPage: use utf8_to_locale() with buffer
2018-09-27 Max KellermannArtistListPage: use utf8_to_locale() with buffer
2018-09-27 Max KellermannMain: use strcpy() instead of g_strlcpy()
2018-09-27 Max KellermannStyles: use strtok() instead of g_strsplit()
2018-09-27 Max Kellermannscreen_find: use PrevCharMB() instead of g_utf8_find_pr...
2018-09-27 Max Kellermannscreen_find: use iscntrl() instead of g_ascii_iscntrl()
2018-09-27 Max Kellermannscreen_find: pass ListWindow by reference, not pointer
2018-09-27 Max Kellermannscreen_find: simpler null-termination
2018-09-27 Max Kellermannscreen_find: simpler length check
2018-09-27 Max Kellermannkeyboard: include cleanup
2018-09-27 Max Kellermannplayer_command: include cleanup
2018-09-27 Max KellermannBindings: include cleanup
2018-09-27 Max KellermannBindings: GetKeyNames() returns std::string
2018-09-27 Max KellermannBindings: remove option `all` from GetKeyNames()
2018-09-27 Max KellermannBindings: add method GetFirstKeyName()
2018-09-27 Max KellermannTextPage: use utf8_to_locale() with buffer
2018-09-27 Max Kellermannmpdclient: move functions into the struct
2018-09-27 Max Kellermanngidle: convert callback to an abstract class
2018-09-26 Max Kellermanngidle: add `noexcept`
2018-09-26 Max Kellermanngidle: convert to class
2018-09-26 Max Kellermanngidle: move functions into the struct
2018-09-26 Max KellermannQueuePage: remove unnecessary steady_timer::cancel...
2018-09-26 Max KellermannOptions: convert hide_cursor to std::chrono::steady_clo...
2018-09-26 Max KellermannOptions: convert lyrics_timeout to std::chrono::steady_...
2018-09-26 Max KellermannOptions: convert status_message_time to std::chrono...
2018-09-26 Max Kellermannnet/socket: remove obsolete library
2018-09-26 Max Kellermannnet/AsyncResolveConnect: expose the class
2018-09-26 Max Kellermannnet/AsyncConnect: expose the class
2018-09-26 Max Kellermannutil/LocaleString: add `noexcept`
2018-09-26 Max Kellermannwreadln: add `noexcept`
2018-09-26 Max KellermannListRenderer: add `noexcept`
2018-09-26 Max KellermannTextPage: add `noexcept`
2018-09-26 Max Kellermannstrfsong: add `noexcept`
2018-09-26 Max Kellermannstrfsong: include cleanup
2018-09-26 Max Kellermannscreen_find: add `noexcept`
2018-09-26 Max Kellermannscreen_utils: add `noexcept`
2018-09-26 Max KellermannStatusBar: add `noexcept`
2018-09-26 Max Kellermannhscroll: add `noexcept`
2018-09-26 Max Kellermannhscroll, mpdclient: remove unnecessary steady_timer...
2018-09-26 Max Kellermann*: disable expires_from_now() exceptions by passing...
2018-09-26 Max KellermannListText: add `noexcept`
2018-09-26 Max KellermannSongPage: add `noexcept`
2018-09-26 Max KellermannSongPage: add `constexpr`
2018-09-26 Max KellermannSongPage: remove GLib
2018-09-26 Max KellermannSongPage: merge to std::fill_n() calls
2018-09-26 Max KellermannSongPage: use a fixed buffer in AppendLine(), no alloca...