2021-11-27 Geoffroy Youri... Update changelog master debian/0.46-1
2021-11-27 Geoffroy Youri... Disable explicitly playlist_editor build option
2021-11-27 Geoffroy Youri... Update build dependency for libpcre
2021-11-27 Geoffroy Youri... Remove libboost-dev build dependency
2021-11-26 Geoffroy Youri... Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/0.46'
2021-11-26 Geoffroy Youri... New upstream version 0.46 upstream upstream/0.46
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannrelease v0.46
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannnet/IPv4Address: add method GetPortBE()
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannnet/UniqueSocketDescriptor, ...: include <utility>...
2021-11-26 Max Kellermann.github/workflows/build.yml: fix "mini" directory
2021-11-26 Max Kellermann.github/workflows/build.yml: add "mini" build
2021-11-26 Max Kellermann.github/workflows/build.yml: install PCRE2
2021-11-26 Max KellermannMatch: migrate to PCRE2
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannuse [[gnu::pure]]
2021-11-26 Max link optimized builds with --gc-sections
2021-11-26 Max add clang specific warning options
2021-11-26 Max use add_project_arguments() where appropriate
2021-11-26 Max remove -Wpointer-arith (implied by -Wpedantic)
2021-11-26 Max sort warning flags
2021-11-26 Max rename test_cflags to test_cxxflags
2021-11-26 Max rename common_cflags to common_cppflags
2021-11-26 Max use compiler.get_supported_arguments(...
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannfix various clang -Wunreachable-code warnings
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannwin32, ...: avoid including windows.h
2021-11-26 Rosen Penevconvert address_family_ranking to std::array
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannnet/Resolver: include cleanup
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannnet/SocketError: use `constexpr`
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannnet/SocketError: use `auto`
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannnet/SocketError: change "const" to "pure"
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannio/FileDescriptor: add method SetBinaryMode()
2021-11-26 Rosen Penevarray conversions
2021-11-26 Rosen Penevadd various nodiscard
2021-11-26 Rosen Penevtreewide: replace lock_guard with scoped_lock
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannevent/Loop: destruct the Uring::Manager in the destruct...
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannevent/Loop: add thread assert() to AddDefer()
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannevent/PipeEvent: new class wrapping SocketEvent
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannevent/Loop: check the `quit` flag after RunDeferred()
2021-11-26 Rosen Penevuse structured binding declarations
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannutil/IntrusiveList: add type alias "Hook"
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannmore [[gnu::...]] attributes
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannutil/IntrusiveList: add IntrusiveList::swap()
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannutil/IntrusiveList: add another missing ToNode() call
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannutil/IntrusiveList: do not use the deprecated class...
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannutil/StringView: hard-code C++17
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannutil/StringView: use [[gnu::]] attributes
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannutil/StringCompare: use [[gnu::]] attributes
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannutil/StringAPI: use [[gnu::]] attributes
2021-11-26 Namkhai Butil/RuntimeError: Disable format-security for gcc
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannutil/RuntimeError: disable -Wformat-security as a kludge
2021-11-26 Max Kellermannutil/BindMethod: drop support for GCC older than 7
2021-11-26 Max Kellermann.github: switch from Travis-CI to GitHub actions
2021-11-26 Yaron ShahrabaniTranslated using Weblate (Hebrew)
2021-11-26 Yaron ShahrabaniTranslated using Weblate (Hebrew)
2021-11-10 Geoffroy Youri... Update changelog
2021-11-10 Geoffroy Youri... Revert "Depends on python3:any for ncmpc-lyrics"
2021-11-08 kalikoUpdate compile command.
2021-11-06 Geoffroy Youri... Update changelog
2021-11-06 Geoffroy Youri... Enable NDEBUG to disable asserts
2021-11-05 Geoffroy Youri... Update changelog
2021-11-05 Geoffroy Youri... Remove obsolete configure option artist_screen
2021-10-16 Geoffroy Youri... Update Changelog
2021-10-16 Geoffroy Youri... Depends on python3:any for ncmpc-lyrics
2021-10-16 Geoffroy Youri... Moved lyrics plugin to /usr/libexec
2021-10-16 Geoffroy Youri... Declare compliance with Debian Policy 4.6.0
2021-09-24 Max Kellermannpo/LINGUAS: install Persian translation
2021-09-24 Gediminas MurauskasTranslated using Weblate (Lithuanian)
2021-09-24 Gediminas MurauskasTranslated using Weblate (Lithuanian)
2021-09-24 smoka7Added translation using Weblate (Persian)
2021-09-24 Max Kellermannpo/LINGUAS: install Lithuanian translation
2021-09-24 Eli Schwartzmeson: do not require rsync to build
2021-08-19 Max KellermannMerge branch 'master' of
2021-08-18 Luna JernbergTranslated using Weblate (Swedish)
2021-08-15 Gediminas MurauskasTranslated using Weblate (Lithuanian)
2021-08-12 Gediminas MurauskasTranslated using Weblate (Lithuanian)
2021-08-12 Gediminas MurauskasAdded translation using Weblate (Lithuanian)
2021-08-11 MatthaiksTranslated using Weblate (Polish)
2021-07-20 Rehan TadpatriTry retrieving lyrics, one artist at a time
2021-07-20 Rehan TadpatriIgnore "The " in the beginning of the artist's name
2021-07-20 Rehan TadpatriIgnore text in parentheses in the title
2021-06-11 ssantosTranslated using Weblate (Portuguese)
2021-06-11 phlosticallyTranslated using Weblate (Esperanto)
2021-04-11 Max ArnoldUpdate russian translation
2021-03-02 Max Kellermannutil/Exception: add FindNested()
2021-03-02 Max Kellermannutil/Exception: remove redundant std::exception catch...
2021-03-02 Max Kellermannutil/Exception: fix comment typo
2021-03-02 Max Kellermannutil/IntrusiveList: add method erase_and_dispose()
2021-03-02 Max Kellermannutil/IntrusiveList: erase() returns an iterator
2021-03-02 Max Kellermannutil/IntrusiveList: use ToHook() in erase()
2021-03-02 Max Kellermannutil/IntrusiveList: add missing ToNode() cast in iterat...
2021-03-02 Max Kellermannutil/IntrusiveList: add hook class SafeLinkIntrusiveLis...
2021-03-02 Max Kellermannutil/IntrusiveList: add `noexcept`
2021-03-02 Max Kellermannutil/IntrusiveList: add `constexpr`
2021-03-02 Max Kellermannevent/TimerWheel: add a "ready" list as a special case
2021-03-02 Max Kellermannuse std::size_t
2021-03-02 Max Kellermannuse [[gnu::pure]] instead of gcc_pure
2021-02-19 Max Kellermannevent/TimerList: use FineTimerEvent::Cancel() instead...
2021-02-17 Max Kellermannevent/TimerList: eliminate Boost dependency
2021-02-17 Max Kellermannutil/IntrusiveList: add method insert()
2021-02-17 Max Kellermannutil/IntrusiveList: add method erase()
2021-02-17 Max Kellermannevent/Loop: include cleanup