2019-09-10 Max KellermannStyles: add `noexcept`
2019-09-10 Max KellermannCustomColors: add `noexcept`
2019-09-10 Max KellermannCompletion: add `noexcept`
2019-09-10 Max KellermannKeyName: add `noexcept`
2019-09-10 Max KellermannGlobalBindings: add `noexcept`
2019-09-10 Max KellermannBindings: add `noexcept`
2019-09-10 Max Kellermanntime_format: add `noexcept`
2019-09-10 Max Kellermannscreen_status: add `noexcept`
2019-09-09 Max Kellermannmpdclient: convert MPD_IDLE_ALL to `constexpr`
2019-09-09 Max Kellermannscreen: add `noexcept`
2019-09-09 Max KellermannTitleBar: add `noexcept`
2019-09-09 Max Kellermannpaint: add `noexcept`
2019-09-09 Max KellermannProgressBar: add `noexcept`
2019-09-09 Max Kellermannxterm_title: add `noexcept`
2019-09-09 Max KellermannStyles: remove unused constant COLOR_ERROR
2019-09-08 Max Kellermannconf: show line number in error message
2019-09-08 Max Kellermannconf: throw on error
2019-09-08 Max KellermannMain: catch and print C++ exceptions
2019-09-08 Max Kellermannconf: add `noexcept`
2019-09-08 Max KellermannMain: use EXIT_SUCCESS
2019-09-08 Max Kellermanninclude cleanups (using iwyu)
2019-09-08 Max Kellermannsong_paint: rename source file
2019-09-08 Max Kellermanncopyright year 2019
2019-09-08 Max Kellermannpo/{en,de}.po: use ellipsis
2019-09-08 Max Kellermannpo: add English translation
2019-09-08 Max Kellermannpo: update ncmpc.pot and *.po
2019-09-08 Max Kellermannpo/ remove obsolete variable `langs`
2019-09-06 Michal ČihařTranslated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))
2019-09-06 Elizabeth SherrockTranslated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))
2019-09-06 Elizabeth SherrockTranslated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))
2019-08-19 Max Kellermannconf: translate deprecated names in "screen-list"
2019-08-19 Max Kellermannscreen: add "pure" attribute
2019-08-19 Max Kellermannconf: allow escaping single quote with backslash in...
2019-08-19 Max Kellermannconf: add `constexpr`
2019-06-08 Max KellermannStatusBar: require a minimum width to enable hscroll
2019-05-22 Max Kellermannpo/ register Occidental translation
2019-05-22 OISTranslated using Weblate (Russian)
2019-05-22 OISTranslated using Weblate (Occidental)
2019-05-22 ssantosTranslated using Weblate (German)
2019-05-22 OISAdded translation using Weblate (Occidental)
2019-05-15 Max Kellermanndefaults: fall back to "AlbumArtist" tag in the default...
2019-04-10 Max Kellermannincrement version number to 0.35
2019-04-10 Max Kellermannrelease v0.34
2019-04-10 Max Kellermanndoc: improve documentation for "title" and "title-bold"
2019-04-10 Max Kellermann{Queue,FileList}Page: show total duration of range...
2019-04-10 Max KellermannPage: add virtual method PaintStatusBarOverride()
2019-04-10 Max KellermannStatusBar: GetWindow() returns const reference
2019-04-10 Max KellermannListCursor: store only height, move width to class...
2019-04-10 Max KellermannListWindow: use GetHeight()
2019-04-10 Max KellermannListWindow: include cleanup
2019-04-10 Max KellermannListWindow: move cursor management code to class ListCursor
2019-04-10 Max KellermannListWindow: make "w" const
2019-04-10 Max KellermannListWindow: make all attributes private
2019-04-10 Max Kellermannwreadln: add missing include for errno
2019-04-10 kalikodoc/ fix manual install dir
2019-04-09 Max Kellermannwreadln, screen_utils: avoid busy looping wgetch()
2019-04-09 Max Kellermannwreadln: move poll() call to WaitUserInput.hxx
2019-04-09 Max Kellermannkeyboard: split class
2019-03-24 Max KellermannLyricsPage: use ScreenManager::get_io_service()
2019-03-21 Max Kellermannadapt to Boost 1.70.0 API changes
2019-03-21 Max KellermannStatusBar: add missing include to fix the "mini" build
2019-03-18 Jon CoxFix logic to allow for 'none' as object background...
2019-01-25 Max KellermannInstance: fix wrong timer object in ScheduleCheckKeyBin...
2019-01-22 Min Ho ParkTranslated using Weblate (Korean)
2019-01-22 NathanTranslated using Weblate (French)
2019-01-04 Min Ho ParkTranslated using Weblate (Korean)
2019-01-04 kalikoFixed a spelling error (spotted by lintian)
2019-01-03 Min Ho ParkTranslated using Weblate (Korean)
2019-01-03 Min Ho ParkTranslated using Weblate (Korean)
2018-11-21 ChristopheTranslated using Weblate (French)
2018-10-29 ButterflyOfFireTranslated using Weblate (French)
2018-10-29 Max Kellermannincrement version number to 0.34
2018-10-22 Max Kellermannrelease v0.33
2018-10-17 Max KellermannLibraryPage: make tag list configurable
2018-10-17 Max Kellermannscreen_artist: rename to "library"
2018-10-17 Max Kellermannconf: add `noexcept`
2018-10-17 Max KellermannTabBar: add `noexcept`
2018-10-17 Max Kellermannscreen_list: add `noexcept`
2018-10-17 Max Kellermanndoc/ add "upload" rule
2018-10-17 Max Kellermanndoc/ use subdir_done() to simplify the...
2018-10-17 Max Kellermannscreen_artist: make the TagListPage list dynamic
2018-10-17 Max Kellermannscreen_artist: remove obsolete SongListPage attributes
2018-10-17 Max Kellermannscreen_artist: use TagListPage::MakeCursorFilter()
2018-10-17 Max Kellermannscreen_artist: more generic page title generator
2018-10-17 Max Kellermannscreen_artist: simplify the GO_PARENT_DIRECTORY handler
2018-10-17 Max Kellermannpo: update ncmpc.pot and *.po
2018-10-17 Max Kellermannpo: update POTFILES
2018-10-17 Max Kellermannscreen_artist: simplify page titles
2018-10-17 Max Kellermannscreen_artist: fix initial page title by calling OpenAr...
2018-10-10 Max Kellermannutil/NulledString: remove obsolete library
2018-10-10 Max Kellermannscreen_artist: use TagListPage::GetTag() instead of...
2018-10-10 Max Kellermann{Album,Artist}ListPage: merge common code into a generi...
2018-10-10 Max Kellermann{Album,Artist}ListPage: remove unused macro `BUFSIZE`
2018-10-10 Max Kellermannconf: remove trailing whitespace from option names
2018-10-10 Max KellermannStyles: add missing newline to error message
2018-10-05 Hosted WeblateMerge branch 'origin/master' into Weblate
2018-10-05 Mirosław BorodeńkoTranslated using Weblate (Polish)
2018-10-05 Max KellermannMerge branch 'master' of
2018-10-05 Max KellermannMatch: fix the #ifdef, fixes build failure without...
2018-10-05 Max Kellermannmeson_options.txt: add option `regex`