2019-07-10 Geoffroy Youri... Preparing upload master debian/0.4.4-1
2019-07-10 Geoffroy Youri... Bumped Standards-Version to 4.4.0, no change needed
2019-03-15 Geoffroy Youri... Update d/changelog
2019-03-14 Geoffroy Youri... Add salsa ci config d/gitlab-ci.yml
2019-03-14 Geoffroy Youri... Bumped Standards-Version to 4.3.0, no change needed
2019-03-14 Geoffroy Youri... Switch from debian/compat to debhelper-compat dependency
2019-03-14 Geoffroy Youri... Add a Built-Using field for sphinxdoc
2019-03-14 Geoffroy Youri... Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/0.4.4'
2019-03-14 Geoffroy Youri... New upstream version 0.4.4 upstream upstream/0.4.4
2018-11-17 Geoffroy Youri... Update changelog debian/0.4.3-1
2018-11-17 Geoffroy Youri... New upstream key export removing signatures
2018-11-17 Geoffroy Youri... Build documentation with sphinx/dh_sphinxdoc
2018-11-17 Geoffroy Youri... Bumped Standards-Version to 4.2.1, no change needed
2018-11-17 Geoffroy Youri... Bump dh compat to 11
2018-11-17 Geoffroy Youri... New upstream version 0.4.3 upstream/0.4.3
2018-11-17 Geoffroy Youri... Merge tag 'upstream/0.4.3'
2018-09-17 Chris LambRemove trailing whitespaces.
2018-09-09 Chris Lambdebian/control: Correct capitalisation of Vcs-Browser.
2018-08-08 Ondřej NovýConvert git repository from git-dpm to gbp layout
2018-05-16 Geoffroy Youri... d/control: Switch to https for Homepage
2018-05-16 Geoffroy Youri... d/control: Remove useless X-Python3-Version
2018-05-16 Geoffroy Youri... Update changelog debian/0.4.2-1
2018-04-30 Geoffroy Youri... Bump uscan version
2018-04-30 Geoffroy Youri... Update copyright
2018-04-30 Geoffroy Youri... Bumped Standards-Version to 4.1.4, no changes needed
2018-04-30 Geoffroy Youri... Add git-dpm tag style
2018-04-30 Geoffroy Youri... Add Testsuite (DEP8 autopkgtest)
2018-04-30 Geoffroy Youri... Switch to Salsa (Vcs-* update)
2018-04-30 Geoffroy Youri... Bumped debhelper compat version
2015-02-06 kalikoUpdate watch file
2014-11-23 kalikoImported Upstream version 0.4.2 upstream/0.4.2
2014-11-23 kalikoMerge tag 'upstream/0.4.2'
2014-10-04 kalikoUpdate copyright years
2014-10-04 kalikoBumped Standards-Version to 3.9.6 (no change)
2014-09-26 kalikoUpdate changelog debian/0.4.1-1
2014-07-03 kalikoNo need of override_dh_auto_clean
2014-07-03 kalikoUpdate Vcs entries
2014-07-03 kalikoAdd upstream/signing-key
2014-06-20 kalikoImported Upstream version 0.4.1 upstream/0.4.1
2014-06-20 kalikoMerge tag 'upstream/0.4.1'
2014-02-06 kalikoUpdate changelog
2014-02-06 kalikoFixed missing python3-setuptools in Build-Depends
2014-01-18 kalikoBump package version
2014-01-18 kalikoImported Upstream version 0.4.0 upstream/0.4.0
2014-01-18 kalikoMerge tag 'upstream/0.4.0'
2014-01-18 kalikoBump package version
2014-01-18 kalikoAdd watch file
2013-11-15 kalikoImported Upstream version 0.4.0pr1 upstream/0.4.0pr1
2013-11-15 kalikoMerge tag 'upstream/0.4.0pr1'
2013-11-15 kalikoSwitched to dh-python
2013-06-02 kalikoImported Upstream version 0.3.1b upstream/0.3.1b
2013-06-02 Geoffroy Youri... Imported Debian patch 0.3.1b-1 debian/0.3.1b-1