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[ncmpc-debian.git] /
2013-04-11 Max use $AUTOMAKE_FLAGS
2009-01-05 Max removed $PWD from aclocal call
2008-12-28 Max use AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR
2008-12-25 Max run glib-gettextize
2008-11-07 Max disable libtool
2008-09-22 Max don't ignore errors
2008-09-21 J. Alexander Treumanautogen: don't run ./configure if $NOCONFIGURE is set
2008-09-15 Max Kellermannconfigure: updated m4/*.m4
2007-03-13 Andreas Obergrusbergerzpdated
2007-03-06 Andreas Obergrusbergernew
2007-03-05 Andreas Obergrusbergerdirty hack for archlinux
2004-06-05 Kalle WallinChanged directory layout (for future use of gettext)
2004-05-07 Kalle WallinRedesigned ncmpc's color support
2004-03-19 Kalle WallinRenamed to