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2017-03-28 Max Kellermannincrement version number to 0.28
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannincrement version number to 0.27
2017-03-20 Max repair the getmouse() check
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmpdclient: connect to MPD asynchronously
2017-03-19 Max remove redundant variable assignments
2017-03-19 Max require GLib 2.30 (for signal handlers)
2017-03-17 Max remove redundant libmpdclient version...
2017-03-10 Max Kellermannrequire libmpdclient 2.9, remove several #ifdefs
2016-10-28 Gianfranco detect lirc 0.9.4
2016-10-28 Max prepare for 0.26
2015-08-10 Max prepare for 0.25
2014-07-14 Max prepare for 0.24
2014-07-10 Max use $srcdir to refer to po/LINGUAS
2014-07-10 Max prepare for 0.23
2014-06-09 Max Kellermannrelease v0.22
2014-06-09 Max disable dist-bzip2
2013-11-08 Max require libmpdclient 2.3
2013-11-07 Max enable automake silent-rules
2013-11-07 Max update VERSION_MINOR
2013-11-07 Max add more optimization flags
2013-11-07 Max prepare for 0.22
2013-04-11 Max Kellermannrelease 0.21
2013-04-11 Max require GLib 2.14
2012-06-12 Max KellermannMerge branch 'chat' of git://
2012-05-23 Jonathan Neuschä screen_chat needs screen_text
2012-05-23 Jonathan Neuschä the chat screen needs libmpdclient >...
2012-05-02 Jonathan Neuschä set HAVE_WINDOWS=0 to avoid a "test"...
2012-05-02 Jonathan Neuschäferadd an initial version of a chat screen
2012-02-24 Avuton Olrichwin32: Add a Windows OS resource file and icon
2012-02-05 Avuton OlrichModify version string to post-release version 0.21~git
2012-02-05 Avuton Olrichncmpc version 0.20
2011-12-02 Max KellermannMerge remote branches 'jn/cosmetics', 'jn/doxygen'...
2011-11-14 Jonathan Neuschäferadd doxygen support
2011-11-14 Jonathan Neuschä (default: enabled) -> [default=yes]
2011-11-04 Avuton Remove duplicate output screen merge...
2011-11-04 Avuton Change to the more correct variable for...
2011-11-03 Max KellermannMerge remote branches 'avuton/master' and 'jn/dev'
2011-11-03 Avuton Olrichm4: Add robust curses detection and support
2011-11-03 Avuton Add proper CFLAG checking and appending
2011-11-03 Avuton Link to winsock when compiling on win32
2011-11-03 Avuton Replace AM_CONFIG_HEADER deprecated macro
2011-11-03 Avuton Remove disabled browse screen options
2011-11-03 Avuton Add AC_MSG_RESULT for outputs screen
2011-11-03 Avuton Amend -Werror using the cflag framework
2011-11-03 Avuton AC_HELP_STRING depreciated, move to AS_HE...
2011-11-02 Jonathan Neuschä add missing AC_MSG_RESULT
2011-09-16 Jonathan Neuschä update comment "Check for glib-2.4"
2011-07-24 Avuton OlrichModify version string to post-release version 0.20~git
2011-07-24 Avuton Olrichncmpc version 0.19
2010-12-23 Max require libmpdclient 2.2
2010-09-23 Avuton OlrichModify version string to post-release version 0.19~git
2010-09-23 Avuton Olrichncmpc version 0.18
2010-06-23 Avuton OlrichModify version string to post-release version 0.18~git
2010-06-23 Avuton Olrichncmpc version 0.17
2010-06-19 Max disable -Wdeclaration-after-statement
2010-01-18 Avuton OlrichModify version string to post-release version 0.17~git
2010-01-18 Avuton Olrichncmpc version 0.16.1
2009-12-26 Avuton OlrichModify version string to post-release version 0.17~git
2009-12-26 Avuton Olrichncmpc version 0.16
2009-12-10 Max Kellermanncompatibility fixes for GLib 2.12
2009-10-29 Max KellermannMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-10-27 Thomas require automake 1.10
2009-10-27 Thomas enable the "subdir-objects" option
2009-10-20 Max added option --enable-test
2009-10-20 Max use standard autoconf variable names
2009-10-04 Max Kellermannoptions: convert timedisplay_type into a bool variable
2009-09-28 Max Kellermannuse libmpdclient2
2009-09-24 Avuton OlrichModify version string to post-release version 0.16~git
2009-09-24 Avuton Olrichncmpc version 0.15
2009-06-10 Max no recursive Makefile
2009-04-21 Avuton OlrichModify version string to post-release version 0.15~git
2009-04-21 Avuton Olrichncmpc version 0.14
2009-01-09 Avuton OlrichModify version string to post-release version 0.14~git
2009-01-09 Avuton Olrichncmpc version 0.13
2009-01-04 Max moved ALL_LINGUAS to po/LINGUAS
2008-12-28 Max use AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR
2008-12-26 Avuton OlrichStandardize the AC_INIT() along with other projects.
2008-12-25 Max fix glib error message
2008-12-25 Max added --disable-multibyte
2008-12-25 Max disable NLS in mini mode
2008-12-25 Max added --disable-locale option
2008-12-25 Max added --enable-werror, rewrote --enable...
2008-12-25 Max moved CFLAGS settings to the bottom
2008-12-25 Max removed duplicate NLS option
2008-12-25 Max drop support for GLib < 2.4
2008-12-24 Max clarify --enable-mini documentation
2008-12-15 Max display the correct default values
2008-12-12 Max Kellermannscreen_text: new library for displaying large texts
2008-12-12 Max Kellermannplugin: new plugin library
2008-12-10 Max Kellermannsupport: removed fallback strcasestr() implementation
2008-12-05 Mikael Svantessonscreen_outputs: new screen to control MPD's output...
2008-12-05 Max bumped version number to 0.13~git
2008-12-05 Max Kellermannncmpc version 0.12
2008-12-05 Max disable color terminal support with ...
2008-12-05 Max disable the artist screen with --enable...
2008-12-04 László Áshinpo: added Hungarian translation
2008-11-28 Max Kellermannncmpc version 0.12~beta2
2008-11-25 Max Kellermannncmpc version 0.12~beta1
2008-11-25 Max Kellermannpo: enabled Slovakian translation
2008-11-18 Max Kellermannscreen_song: new screen which views song information