doc/ncmpc.1: migrate to Sphinx
[ncmpc-debian.git] / doc / config.sample
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannstatus_bar: remove the status bar clock (option "displa...
2014-05-28 Simon ArlottImplement a search-format configuration option (Mantis...
2012-06-12 Jonathan Neuschäferncmpc.1: document the "chat-prefix" option
2012-06-12 Max KellermannMerge branch 'chat' of git://
2012-05-02 Jonathan Neuschäferadd an initial version of a chat screen
2011-12-22 Jonathan Neuschäferconfig.sample: add the "timeout" option
2011-12-22 Jonathan Neuschäferscreen_lyrics: optionally ask before starting an editor
2011-12-17 Jonathan NeuschäferAdd option "text-editor"
2009-11-24 Andy Spencercolors: Change config to use attribute list
2009-11-23 Matt Portasadded option "second-column"
2009-10-11 Max Kellermannscreen_browser: added custom list painting function
2009-09-10 Max KellermannMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-09-09 Thomas Jansenautomatically save lyrics
2009-06-14 Max Kellermannlist_window: added the "hardware_cursor" option
2009-04-09 Patrick Hallendoc: Updated config.sample.
2009-02-09 Max Kellermanndocumentation for the new "bell-on-wrap" option
2007-02-16 Andreas Obergrusbergerway too much stuff to describe here
2005-06-15 Kalle WallinNew configuraton option: find-show-last
2005-06-15 Kalle WallinNew configuraton option: screen-list
2005-06-03 Kalle Wallinseek-time can now be defined in the conf file
2005-06-03 Kalle WallinAdded a "hide cursor" feature #0000417
2004-07-13 Kalle WallinCrossfade time can now be definied in the rc file ...
2004-06-24 Kalle WallinMade the xterm title dynamic, added configuration optio...
2004-06-24 Kalle WallinAdded configuration option - set-xterm-title
2004-06-22 Kalle WallinAdded options: audible-bell, visible-bell, wrap-around...
2004-06-15 Kalle WallinRenamed %basename% format %shortfile%
2004-06-15 Kalle WallinAdded list-format and status-format conf options
2004-05-07 Kalle WallinRedesigned ncmpc's color support
2004-04-14 Kalle WallinRenamed ncmpcrc.sample config.sample.