2020-11-11 Geoffroy Youri... Updated changelog master
2020-11-11 Geoffroy Youri... Dropped version in libmpdclient-dev dependency
2020-11-11 Geoffroy Youri... Bump dh compat to level 13
2020-11-11 Geoffroy Youri... Update copyright
2020-11-09 Geoffroy Youri... Update Changelog
2020-11-09 Geoffroy Youri... Add NEWS.Debian regarding lyrics plugin removal
2020-11-06 Geoffroy Youri... Update changelog
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannrelease v0.42
2020-11-06 Max KellermannLibraryPage: move PLAY handler code to LibraryTagListPa...
2020-11-06 Max KellermannLibraryPage: add subclass of TagListPage
2020-11-06 Max KellermannLibraryPage: move code from SongListPage::OnCommand...
2020-11-06 Max KellermannTagListPage: mouse support
2020-11-06 Max KellermannTagListPage: move code to HandleEnter(), HandleSelect()
2020-11-06 Max KellermannFileListPage: make HandleEnter() virtual
2020-11-06 Max KellermannNEWS: "library page" change was really about the "file...
2020-11-06 Max KellermannListWindow: support the mouse wheel
2020-11-06 Max KellermannFileListPage: repaint after moving cursor with mouse
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/Loop: AbandonFD() unlinks the SocketEvent
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/Loop: pass SocketEvent& to AbandonFD()
2020-11-06 arcnmxsystem/FileDescriptor: fix Duplicate result
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/PollGroup: rename to PollBackend
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/PollGroup: move event flags to a separate header
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/SocketEvent: forbid copying
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/Loop: reorder assertions
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/Loop: add assertions
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/SocketEvent: use class IntrusiveList<>
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/Loop: manage all SocketEvents in a linked list
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/Loop: un-inline AddFD(), ModifyFD()
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/Loop: round epoll_wait() timeout up
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/IdleEvent: use class IntrusiveList<>
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/IntrusiveList: replacement for boost::intrusive...
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/IdleEvent: use `auto`
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/IdleEvent: forbid copying
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannincrement version number to 0.42
2020-11-06 Geoffroy Youri... Update Changelog
2020-11-06 Geoffroy Youri... Drop ruby dependency in ncmpc-lyrics
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannrelease v0.41
2020-11-06 Max Kellermanndoc/index.rst: improve the `screen-list` description
2020-11-06 Max Kellermanndoc: more RST markup
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannscreen_status: add std::exception_ptr overload
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannnet/AsyncHandler: pass std::exception_ptr to OnConnectE...
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannnet/AsyncConnect: close only on error
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannnet/AsyncConnect: check SO_ERROR only if EPOLLERR was...
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/Loop: move code to Wait()
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/PollGroup: ReadEvents() returns PollResult
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/SocketEvent: add ScheduleImplicit(), Is{Read...
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/SocketEvent: add Abandon()
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/SocketEvent: document Close()
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent/SocketEvent: rename Steal() to ReleaseSocket()
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannnet/UniqueSocketDescriptor: add `noexcept`
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannnet/SocketAddress: add missing include
2020-11-06 Max KellermannTagListPage: fix nullptr dereference when adding "...
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannnet/AsyncConnect: use the SO_ERROR result, not errno
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/StringStrip: use std::strlen()
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/StringStrip: use std::size_t
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/StringCompare: add API documentation
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/StringCompare: add StringIsEqual() with string_view
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/StringCompare: add more StringView overloads
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/StringCompare: use std::memcmp()
2020-11-06 Rosen Penevuse std chr functions
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/RuntimeError: add IWYU pragma
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/Exception: use [[noreturn]]
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/Exception: move the forwarded std::exception_ptr
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/ConstBuffer, ...: use `using` instead of `typedef`
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/Stringview: use `const_pointer` instead of hard...
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/StringView: add method substr()
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/ConstBuffer: use <cassert>
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/{Const,Writable}Buffer: drop "_type" from type...
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/StringView: use `using` instead of `typedef`
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/{Const,Writable}Buffer: use std::size_t
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/ConstBuffer: add `noexcept`
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/CharUtil: add IsNonPrintableASCII()
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannutil/CharUtil: add IsHexDigit()
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannmigrate from boost::asio to the MPD EventLoop
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannevent: import the non-blocking event I/O loop from MPD
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannlyrics: remove the "lyricwiki" plugin because the site...
2020-11-06 Min Ho ParkTranslated using Weblate (Korean)
2020-11-06 Yaron ShahrabaniTranslated using Weblate (Hebrew)
2020-11-06 Allan NordhøyTranslated using Weblate (Norwegian Bokmål)
2020-11-06 IvanDanTranslated using Weblate (Italian)
2020-11-06 J.MarSarTranslated using Weblate (Spanish)
2020-11-06 ВладимирTranslated using Weblate (Russian)
2020-11-06 Max Kellermannincrement version number to 0.41
2020-10-12 Geoffroy Youri... Update changelog
2020-10-12 Geoffroy Youri... Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/0.40'
2020-10-12 Geoffroy Youri... New upstream version 0.40 upstream/0.40
2020-10-07 Max Kellermannrelease v0.40
2020-10-07 Max KellermannSongRowPaint: require a minimum width to enable hscroll
2020-10-07 Max KellermannStatusBar: show elapsed time even at 0:00
2020-10-07 Max KellermannStatusBar: show elapsed time of streams
2020-10-05 Max KellermannListCursor: clamp scroll_offset, replacing special...
2020-10-05 Max KellermannStatusBar: merge redundant `options.scroll` checks
2020-10-05 Max KellermannStatusBar: make `center_width` a local variable
2020-10-05 Max KellermannFileListPage: pass references to browser_select_entry()
2020-10-05 Max KellermannFileListPage: add nullptr check to PaintStatusBarOverride()
2020-10-05 Max KellermannFileListPage: add local variable `entity`
2020-09-26 Geoffroy Youri... Update changelog
2020-09-26 Geoffroy Youri... Add basic upstream metadata
2020-09-26 Geoffroy Youri... Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/0.39'
2020-09-26 Geoffroy Youri... New upstream version 0.39