2017-04-24 Max KellermannREADME.rst: reformat the "Links" section
2017-04-24 Max KellermannREADME.rst: bug tracking now on GitHub
2017-04-24 Max KellermannREADME.rst: use double backticks
2017-04-24 Max KellermannREADME.rst: remove unnecessary text
2017-04-21 Max KellermannREADME: convert to reStructuredText
2017-03-28 Max Kellermannconf: merge two translatable strings
2017-03-28 Max Kellermannconf: extract name and value from the input line in...
2017-03-28 Max Kellermannconf: cheap replacement for g_strchug()
2017-03-28 Max Kellermannscreen_song: fix memory leak
2017-03-28 Felixplugin: fix crash
2017-03-28 Max Kellermannincrement version number to 0.28
2017-03-25 Max Kellermannrelease v0.27
2017-03-25 Max Kellermannaconnect: remove redundant #include, fixes windows...
2017-03-25 Max Kellermannnet/async_connect: add missing include for socklen_t
2017-03-25 Max Kellermannwreadln: fix #ifdef for WIN32
2017-03-25 Max Kellermannmpdclient: try IP connect if default local socket path...
2017-03-25 Max Kellermannmpdclient: move aconnect_start() call to a separate...
2017-03-25 Max Kellermannmain: move default_settings_name() to mpdclient.c
2017-03-25 Max Kellermannaconnect: assign variable first, then start connect
2017-03-21 Max Kellermannutils: move format_duration_*() to time_format.c
2017-03-21 Max Kellermanndb_completion: use g_strconcat()
2017-03-21 Max Kellermannutils: move gcmp_list_from_path() to db_completion.c
2017-03-21 Max Kellermannwreadln: call g_list_length() only once
2017-03-21 Max Kellermanncolors, utils: use g_list_free_full(g_free)
2017-03-21 Max Kellermanncolors: return bool instead of int
2017-03-21 Max Kellermanncolors: colors_update_pair(), colors_start() and colors...
2017-03-21 Max Kellermannlist_window: convert comments to doxygen
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannsave_playlist: move NULL check up
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen_queue: move playlist_save() to save_playlist.c
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannpo: update ncmpc.pot
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen_utils: automatically append "[y/n]"
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannpo: update ncmpc.pot
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannpo/ add new source files
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannpo/ sort
2017-03-20 Max Kellermanncolors: simplify i18n strings
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen: move code to screen_init.c
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen: move screen_paint() to screen_paint.c
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen: move mode_fn into struct screen
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen: make cols and rows local
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen: rename screen_refresh() to screen_paint()
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen: move code to paint_top_window()
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannplugin: use g_idle_add() instead of g_timeout_add(0)
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannuse g_timeout_add_seconds() where appropriate
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannkeyboard: no begin/end_input_event() on unknown key...
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannkeyboard: move code to ignore_key()
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen_interface: make cols/rows unsigned
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen_utils: move KEY_MOUSE check to ignore_key()...
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen_utils: move check to ignore_key()
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannxterm_title: use getenv() instead of g_getenv()
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannxterm_title: simplify if/else chains
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannmain: improve strfsong() error check
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannmain: check for strfsong() failure, add fallback
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannxterm_title: pass string, no format
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen_utils: move set_xterm_title() to xterm_title.c
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannstatus_bar: remove the status bar clock (option "displa...
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannmain: no delay for initial collect
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen: remove redundant #ifndef
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen: remove unnecessary paint calls from screen_resize()
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen: remove unnecessary paint calls from screen_init()
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannincrement version number to 0.27
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannrelease v0.26
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannpo: update ncmpc.pot
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen_song: don't translate printf formats
2017-03-20 Max use CURSES_LIBS instead of CURSES_LIB
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen_*: eliminate redundant wrefresh() calls
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen: merge duplicate code from screen_paint() and...
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen_browser: include cleanup
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen: remove unnecessary doupdate() call from screen_...
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannscreen_utils: remove redundant doupdate() call
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannkeyboard: call wgetch() on main window
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannkeyboard: implement keyboard_unread() without ungetch()
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannkeyboard: move code to translate_key()
2017-03-20 Max Kellermannkeyboard: add keyboard_unread()
2017-03-20 Max Kellermanncommand: move get_keyboard_command() to keyboard.c
2017-03-20 Max Kellermanncommand: remove "pure" attribute from get_keyboard_comm...
2017-03-20 Max Kellermanncommand: include cleanup
2017-03-20 Max repair the getmouse() check
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmpdclient: connect to MPD asynchronously
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmpdclient: move code to mpdclient_connected()
2017-03-19 Max remove redundant variable assignments
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmpdclient: eliminate redundant mpd_status_get_volume...
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmain: remove check_reconnect()
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmpdclient: call mpdclient_lost_callback() after failed...
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmpdclient: no mpdclient_handle_error() after connect...
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmpdclient: automatically re-enter idle mode, eliminate...
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmain: remove redundant mpdclient_disconnect() call
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmpdclient: pass host, port etc. to constructor
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmain: move signal handlers to signals.c
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmain: use g_unix_signal_add() for SIGTERM, SIGINT and...
2017-03-19 Max require GLib 2.30 (for signal handlers)
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmain: merge catch_sigcont() and catch_sigwinch()
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannm4/ax_with_curses.m4: update from upstream
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannm4/ax_append_*_flags.m4: update from upstream
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmain: remove unused function sigstop()
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannplugin: call g_io_channel_unref() early, eliminate...
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannplugin: add plugin_pipe.cycle pointer
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmain: do_input_event() returns bool
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmain: move keyboard_event() to keyboard.c
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmain: eliminate another local dummy variable
2017-03-19 Max Kellermannmain: move "#ifdef ENABLE_LIRC" to lirc.h"