2015-02-04 mathieuiFlask rewrite master
2015-02-04 mathieuiRemove previous django application
2014-03-07 mathieui[fix] remove an error when tree isn’t available
2014-03-07 mathieui[doc] update the documentation
2014-03-06 mathieui[mod] Migrate to django 1.6 and python 3
2012-11-07 mathieui[ui] Add placeholders
2012-11-06 mathieui[fix] don’t encode the filename in utf8 (potential...
2012-11-06 mathieui[ui] Say "archive" instead of tarball
2012-11-06 mathieui[ui] Remove the notice
2012-11-05 mathieui[ui] Add text fields to copy/paste links easily
2012-11-05 mathieui[mod] Rename variables to be more explicit
2012-11-05 mathieui[fix] Display a correct direct url for single-file...
2012-06-25 mathieui[enh] Unit tests for the new function
2012-06-25 mathieui[mod] Dispatch the http request parsing to a separate...
2012-06-23 mathieui[enh] Add messages and reset settings for unit tests
2012-06-23 mathieui[enh] Add a few unit tests
2012-06-23 mathieui[ui] Template update
2012-06-21 mathieui[fix] Generate a new trackers list instead of doing...
2012-06-21 mathieui[fix] Fix the torrent generation with a custom piece...
2012-06-20 mathieui[fix] The admin is broken if the url is without a ...
2012-06-20 mathieui[fix] Mandatory trackers info & Mandatory trackers...
2012-03-05 mathieui[mod] Add date/time to the logged messages
2012-03-05 mathieui[fix] Remove useless chardet import
2012-03-05 mathieui[fix] Do not enable TORRENT_POOL by default
2012-03-05 mathieui[enh] Add a page to show informations about the configu...
2012-03-05 mathieui[enh] Add a TORRENT_POOL option
2012-03-04 mathieui[enh] Add a MANDATORY_TRACKERS option
2012-03-04 mathieui[enh] Add a DEFAULT_TRACKERS option
2012-03-04 mathieui[mod] Make slashes at the end of the url optional
2012-03-04 mathieui[fix] More unicode uniformisation, remove chardet as...
2012-03-04 mathieui[doc] Add apache deployment example
2012-03-03 mathieui[doc] Add nginx example
2012-03-03 mathieui[fix] Fix unicode filename uploading (python2 yay)
2012-03-03 mathieui[fix] Fix logging. (absolute path, and remove django...
2012-03-03 mathieui[doc] Update "tar" → "archive"
2012-03-03 mathieui[enh] Display the magnet link depending on the torrent...
2012-03-03 mathieui[doc] Add the south migration to the installation procedure
2012-03-02 mathieui[enh] Add private torrents option
2012-03-02 mathieui[enh] Use south to manage the database migrations ...
2012-03-02 mathieui[fix] Remove useless LOG option
2012-03-02 mathieui[fix] Do not force the use of compressed zip even if...
2012-03-02 mathieui[enh] Add zip extraction
2012-03-01 mathieui[enh] Added logging
2012-02-29 mathieui[enh] New options MAX_SIZE and OPTION_DECOMPRESS
2012-02-29 mathieui[doc] More deployment help (lighttpd)
2012-02-29 mathieui[fix] Chardet 2.0.1 is for python3, so we depend on...
2012-01-21 mathieui[enh] Scrollbars on file list, and no file list if...
2012-01-21 mathieui[enh] Some doc on magnet links
2012-01-21 mathieui[fix] Fix error handling
2012-01-20 mathieui[doc] Deployment doc
2012-01-20 mathieui[enh] Use the MEDIA_URL instead of a hardcoded path
2012-01-20 mathieui[enh] Make the magnet links work
2012-01-20 mathieui[enh] Fix multifile webseeds
2011-10-31 Cynddl[fix] Cross-browser compatibility : issue w/ Firefox
2011-10-31 Cynddl[enh] A real CSS identity w/ cool colors !
2011-10-20 Mathieu Pasquet[enh] Added several options (w/o trackers, webseeds...
2011-10-20 Mathieu Pasquet[mod] Added a link to the gitorious repo in the about...
2011-10-16 Mathieu Pasquet[fix] Wrong permissions set
2011-10-16 Mathieu Pasquet[enh] Display a torrent structure tree on its page
2011-10-16 Mathieu Pasquet[enh] Trackers and Webseeds can now be provided optionally
2011-10-16 Mathieu Pasquet[doc] Added some advice
2011-10-16 Mathieu Pasquet[fix] Added a chmod, since python’s tarfile doesn’t...
2011-10-15 Mathieu Pasquet[enh] Added a help page
2011-10-15 Mathieu Pasquet[enh] Worked on the UI a little bit
2011-10-15 Mathieu Pasquet[enh] Added multifile-torrents through tar uploading
2011-10-09 Mathieu Pasquet[enh] Remove annoying warnings from chardet's detect()
2011-10-09 Mathieu Pasquet[fix] Source files are utf-8 encoded
2011-10-09 Mathieu Pasquet[enh] Add magnet link creation / display (needs some...
2011-10-09 Mathieu Pasquet[fix] make executable
2011-10-09 Mathieu Pasquet[enh] use local_settings for convenience
2011-09-09 Mathieu Pasquet[doc] Added a precision about file handling
2011-09-04 Mathieu Pasquet[fix] Fixed the webseed url
2011-09-04 Mathieu Pasquet[Initial commit]