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2015-02-04 mathieuiFlask rewrite master
2015-02-04 mathieuiRemove previous django application
2014-03-07 mathieui[fix] remove an error when tree isn’t available
2014-03-07 mathieui[doc] update the documentation
2014-03-06 mathieui[mod] Migrate to django 1.6 and python 3
2012-11-07 mathieui[ui] Add placeholders
2012-11-06 mathieui[fix] don’t encode the filename in utf8 (potential...
2012-11-06 mathieui[ui] Say "archive" instead of tarball
2012-11-06 mathieui[ui] Remove the notice
2012-11-05 mathieui[ui] Add text fields to copy/paste links easily
2012-11-05 mathieui[mod] Rename variables to be more explicit
2012-11-05 mathieui[fix] Display a correct direct url for single-file...
2012-06-25 mathieui[enh] Unit tests for the new function
2012-06-25 mathieui[mod] Dispatch the http request parsing to a separate...
2012-06-23 mathieui[enh] Add messages and reset settings for unit tests
2012-06-23 mathieui[enh] Add a few unit tests
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