2021-01-29 mathieuiRemove force_remote_bookmarks option main
2021-01-29 mathieuiUse typing_extensions for TypedDict
2021-01-28 mathieuiFix /destroy error cases
2021-01-28 mathieuicore: move initial commands in a separate files
2021-01-28 mathieuiMove get_error_message to common
2021-01-24 mathieuiAlso receive self-message events in plugins
2021-01-24 mathieuimuctab: fix closing a tab not in bookmarks
2021-01-22 Georg Lukasplugins/contact: iterate all data forms, thx. mathieui
2021-01-02 Emmanuel Gil... Use schema.org properties for documentation, logo and...
2021-01-02 mathieuiFix nick changes
2021-01-02 mathieuiAdd aesgcm:// urls to the /link plugin
2021-01-02 mathieuiCI: pull slixmpp from gitlab
2021-01-01 Emmanuel Gil... Add documentation, logo and screenshot to DOAP file.
2020-12-28 Emmanuel Gil... Rework set_role() to use slixmpp.
2020-12-28 Emmanuel Gil... Rework set_affiliation() to use slixmpp.
2020-12-28 Emmanuel Gil... Prevent a traceback when the jid option isn’t a valid...
2020-12-28 Emmanuel Gil... Add (back?) reason and altroom arguments for /destroy_room.
2020-12-28 Emmanuel Gil... xmltab: Add some types.
2020-12-28 Emmanuel Gil... xmltab: Remove safeJID().
2020-12-27 Emmanuel Gil... Trim all messages by 24 bytes on 64-bit systems
2020-12-26 Emmanuel Gil... Stop displaying the traceback when /xhtml fails.
2020-12-26 Emmanuel Gil... Fix a warning when running tests.
2020-12-26 Emmanuel Gil... Update most references to dev.louiz.org to lab.louiz...
2020-12-17 mathieuiplugins: do not fire private_msg event on own messages
2020-12-17 mathieuiplugins: do not fire conversation_msg event on own...
2020-12-12 Emmanuel Gil... from __future__ import annotations
2020-12-12 Emmanuel Gil... Don’t import Form (fixup from b3ed6cf44d08a9e7aea113d57...
2020-12-12 Emmanuel Gil... Mention that we do support Python 3.9
2020-12-12 Emmanuel Gil... Use some of the new xep_0045 methods from slixmpp 1.6.0
2020-12-12 Emmanuel Gil... Use the new xep_0045 elements from slixmpp 1.6.0
2020-12-12 Emmanuel Gil... Bump slixmpp dependency to 1.6.0
2020-10-09 Maxime “pep... Revert previous commit, move loggging, fix type error
2020-10-09 Maxime “pep... poezio/user: rework change_color to only log when necessary
2020-09-15 Georg LukasDisco#info barejid instead of domain on sent carbons
2020-09-10 Maxime “pep... Remove references to master
2020-09-10 Maxime “pep... update.sh: pull main instead
2020-09-10 Maxime “pep... Revert "update.sh: bash 'strict mode'"
2020-09-10 Maxime “pep... plugins/untrackme: move logging to a less noisy place
2020-09-10 Maxime “pep... update.sh: bash 'strict mode'
2020-09-10 Maxime “pep... Migrate to 'main' branch
2020-09-08 Maxime “pep... plugins/untrackme: invidio.us closed. Changed default...
2020-09-08 Maxime “pep... plugins/untrackme: toggle display_corrections off
2020-09-04 Emmanuel Gil... doc: Add a link to the package on Flathub.
2020-09-04 Maxime “pep... plugins/code: Prevent traceback when not enough argumen...
2020-08-15 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'theme-time-format' into 'master'
2020-08-14 Maxime “pep... move date and time SHORT_FORMAT and LONG_FORMAT to...
2020-08-13 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'plugin-untrackme' into 'master'
2020-08-13 Maxime “pep... plugins/remove_get_trackers: add deprecation notice
2020-08-13 Maxime “pep... plugins/untrackme: docstring to map_services method
2020-08-13 Maxime “pep... plugins/untrackme: new plugin, based on remove_get_trackers
2020-08-09 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'timemarker-uitypes' into 'master'
2020-08-09 Maxime “pep... plugins/time_marker: use now required poezio.ui.types
2020-08-09 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'lastlog-uitypes' into 'master'
2020-08-09 Maxime “pep... plugins/lastlog: adapt to use poezio.ui.types
2020-07-24 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'info-bar-pos' into 'master'
2020-07-24 Maxime “pep... windows/info_bar: Prevent UnboundLocalError. Thanks...
2020-07-16 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'delay-normal' into 'master'
2020-07-16 Maxime “pep... core/handlers: revert change in normal_message handler
2020-07-08 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'delayed-highlight' into 'master'
2020-07-08 Maxime “pep... MucTab: highlight on delayed and not history
2020-06-24 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'bookmarks-nick' into 'master'
2020-06-24 Maxime “pep... core/commands: code style fixes
2020-06-24 Maxime “pep... core/commands: use named parameters in _add_bookmarks...
2020-06-24 Maxime “pep... bookmarks: ensure nick is added when to bookmark when...
2020-06-24 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'muc-close-inexisting-bookmarks' into...
2020-06-24 Maxime “pep... MucTab: Ensure bookmark exists before removing it in...
2020-06-24 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'reorder-gaptabs' into 'master'
2020-06-15 Maxime “pep... plugins/reorder: update changelog
2020-06-15 Maxime “pep... plugins/reorder: Don't serialize gaptabs as they're...
2020-06-15 Maxime “pep... plugins/reorder: Ignore gaptab when parsing as they...
2020-06-12 Link MauveMerge branch 'close-leave' into 'master'
2020-06-09 Emmanuel Gil... Rename /leave into /close, and deprecate /leave
2020-06-01 mathieuiMerge branch 'more-typing' into 'master'
2020-06-01 mathieuimypy: Reduce errors on muctab.py by a lot
2020-06-01 mathieuimypy: type more strictly common.py
2020-06-01 mathieuiAdd a shlex pyi (based on upstream)
2020-06-01 mathieuimypy: Make multiuserchat.py pass --strict
2020-06-01 mathieuimypy: Make decorators.py pass --strict
2020-05-31 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'release-0.13.1' into 'master'
2020-05-31 mathieuiUpdate version to 0.13.1
2020-05-31 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'integrate-sphinx-manpages' into 'master'
2020-05-31 mathieuimanpage: update room address to be an URI
2020-05-31 mathieuiUpdate CHANGELOG
2020-05-31 mathieuiUpdate poezio.1 manpage
2020-05-31 mathieuisetup: add a build_man command and integrate sphinx...
2020-05-31 mathieuiFix indent of setup()
2020-05-31 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'revert-types' into 'master'
2020-05-31 Maxime “pep... Revert "Bookmarks: type bookmark method (local/remote)"
2020-05-30 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'type-bookmarks' into 'master'
2020-05-30 Maxime “pep... BookmarksTab: harmonize Info message
2020-05-30 Maxime “pep... Bookmarks: type bookmark method (local/remote)
2020-05-29 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'muc-message-received-traceback' into...
2020-05-29 mathieuiFix a traceback after a received MUC message
2020-05-28 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'fix-issue-history-no-mam' into 'master'
2020-05-28 mathieuiFix an issue on join when the room has no MAM support
2020-05-28 mathieuiMerge branch 'tests-user' into 'master'
2020-05-28 Maxime “pep... Minimal tests for User class
2020-05-27 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'doc-display-user-color' into 'master'
2020-05-27 Maxime “pep... Doc: Fix display_user_color_in_join_part default value
2020-05-27 Maxime BuquetMerge branch 'fix-bookmarks-tab-method' into 'master'