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last changeFri, 29 Jan 2021 10:23:31 +0000 (11:23 +0100)
2021-01-29 mathieuiRemove force_remote_bookmarks option main
2021-01-29 mathieuiUse typing_extensions for TypedDict
2021-01-28 mathieuiFix /destroy error cases
2021-01-28 mathieuicore: move initial commands in a separate files
2021-01-28 mathieuiMove get_error_message to common
2021-01-24 mathieuiAlso receive self-message events in plugins
2021-01-24 mathieuimuctab: fix closing a tab not in bookmarks
2021-01-22 Georg Lukasplugins/contact: iterate all data forms, thx. mathieui
2021-01-02 Emmanuel Gil... Use properties for documentation, logo and...
2021-01-02 mathieuiFix nick changes
2021-01-02 mathieuiAdd aesgcm:// urls to the /link plugin
2021-01-02 mathieuiCI: pull slixmpp from gitlab
2021-01-01 Emmanuel Gil... Add documentation, logo and screenshot to DOAP file.
2020-12-28 Emmanuel Gil... Rework set_role() to use slixmpp.
2020-12-28 Emmanuel Gil... Rework set_affiliation() to use slixmpp.
2020-12-28 Emmanuel Gil... Prevent a traceback when the jid option isn’t a valid...
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