2013-04-15 kalikoUpdates install instructions master
2013-04-15 kalikoMPDScrobbler: Fixed uncaught player exception
2013-03-14 kalikoMPDScrobbler: Merge Player and Dæmon objects
2013-03-13 kalikoMPDScrobbler: Now handles Player reconnection
2013-03-02 kalikoAdd missing? 404 template
2013-03-02 kalikoMPDScrobbler: server config var now specifies http...
2013-02-27 kalikoAdd forgotten WSGIPassAuthorization directive
2013-02-23 kalikoAdd admin site conf in apache.conf.dist template
2013-02-23 kalikoAdd apache configuration template, improved documentation
2013-02-23 kalikoDynamic default for ROOT_FOLDER.
2013-02-22 kalikoBetter url handling in templates
2013-02-19 kalikoAdd documentation
2013-02-19 kalikoMPDScrobbler: add config example
2013-02-19 kalikoMPDScrobbler: document logging, ensure lowercased values
2013-01-14 kalikoclients Exception refactoring
2013-01-05 kalikoMPDScrobbler: log formating
2013-01-05 kalikoAdd throttling to
2013-01-03 kalikoFix a error in Track objects creation with MBids.
2013-01-02 kalikoMPDScrobbler: some cleanup in cache handling
2013-01-02 kalikoMPDScrobbler: Add throttling
2013-01-02 rimenoImprove logging in MPDScrobbler
2012-11-24 rimenoAdd daemon to MPDScrobbler
2012-11-17 kalikoDocument USER ressource
2012-06-13 kalikoFixed a typo in resource's URL
2012-06-10 kalikoMake use of currently logged user in template
2012-06-10 kalikoFixed an issue with get_arts_count fonction
2012-06-10 kalikoGet uniform resources, updates documentation
2012-06-10 kalikoMoved artists scrobbles into the right resource
2012-06-10 kalikoAdd name parameter, updates documentation accordingly
2012-06-10 kalikoAdd limit parameter and updates documentation
2012-06-05 kalikoMPDScrobbler: Set default MPD port
2012-06-04 kalikoRemove useless context (use built-in context_processors)
2012-06-04 kalikoAdd request to context_processors
2012-06-04 kalikoAdd artist resource retrieval via UUID
2012-06-04 kalikoMake setting suitable for distribution
2012-05-30 kalikoAdd titles resource
2012-05-30 kalikoAdd JSONP cross domain request capability
2012-05-28 kalikoMPDScrobbler: cache failed scrobbles on HTTPError as...
2012-05-25 kalikoMPDScrobbler: Flush stdout
2012-05-25 kalikoMPDScrobbler: More explicit logging when possible
2012-05-25 kalikoMPDScrobbler: Add cache for failed scrobbles
2012-05-24 kalikoRemove duplicate Track/TrackName on Artist merging
2012-05-16 kalikoAdd some stats on user account page
2012-05-15 kalikoFixed stand-alone mode in clients
2012-05-15 kalikoAdd merging artist action in Admin Site.
2012-05-15 kalikoFixed a typo.
2012-05-15 kalikoFixed artists statistic request
2012-05-14 kalikoAdd time range for artists statistic
2012-05-14 kalikoArtist list ordered by count
2012-05-14 kalikoMPDScrobbler: Makes MPDPORT actually optional…
2012-05-14 kalikoMPDScrobbler: Add MPDPORT in
2012-05-13 kalikoKeeping new solution, cleaning up :)
2012-05-13 kalikoTrying without UserArtistList table
2012-05-13 kalikoSome cleanup and enhancement of admin site
2012-05-13 kalikoMPDScrobbler: Requires only necessary MPD commands
2012-05-13 kalikoAdd special caracters for username in API's
2012-05-13 kalikoAdd admin views for UserArtistList
2012-05-13 kalikoAdd artist API
2012-05-12 kalikoDisplay recent scrobbles first in admin view
2012-05-12 kalikoMoved validation in APIObject
2012-05-09 kalikoClients: Imports argparse only if necessary
2012-05-09 kalikoUpdates api html page.
2012-05-09 kalikoMPDScrobbler: handles not-playing state for MPD
2012-05-08 kalikoExplicit UTC/TZ and new from/to param API
2012-05-08 kalikoMPDScrobbler: Do not try to scrobble track w/out title...
2012-05-08 kalikoUse explicit UTC TZ to create datetime/timestamp
2012-05-08 kalikoAdd latest scrobbles for plain /api/USER/scrobbles/
2012-05-07 kalikoLimiting number of scrobble listed in profile view
2012-04-30 kalikoMPDScrobbler: Use https URL.
2012-04-30 kalikoMPDScrobbler: Fixed an issue with audio streams
2012-04-30 kalikoMPDScrobbler: handles cases with no(artist & title)
2012-04-29 kalikoSome precisions in relational model
2012-04-29 kalikoAdd CLI client and plain MPD client
2012-04-29 kalikoGet plain minimal user pages, root page, enhanced admin...
2012-04-29 kalikoComments file logging.
2012-04-28 kalikoAdd views for login/passwd change and api doc
2012-04-27 kalikoAdd var dir to the repo
2012-04-26 kalikoInitial import