11 days ago kalikoci: Exposes unittest report to gitlab dev
11 days ago kalikoFixed crash when setting XDG_CONFIG_HOME (closes #50)
2021-05-01 kalikoRemove dead code
2021-04-30 kalikoCleanup obsolete code (ralated to 6194c3a)
2021-04-29 kalikoFixed bug introduced in 6194c3a
2021-04-29 kalikoAdd missing command in bash completion
2021-04-28 kalikoRemoved obsolete CLI options
2021-04-28 kalikoRemove HTML files
2021-04-28 kalikoBump version
2021-04-28 kalikoReleasing 0.17.0 master 0.17.0
2021-04-28 kalikoAdd support of musicbrainz_{albumid,trackid} in Track...
2021-04-23 kalikoAdd new command purge-history
2021-04-23 kalikoUpdate bash completion (closes #44)
2021-04-23 kalikoAesthetic changes in usage messages
2021-04-22 kalikoFixed Genre plugin documenation
2021-04-22 kalikoAdd new command (closes #43)
2021-04-21 kalikoExtract Tags control_config method from plugin
2021-04-21 kalikoExpose only config in MPDClient instance.
2021-04-21 kalikoDefault config definition more consistent
2021-04-20 Remove useless import
2021-04-19 kalikoAdd Genre plugin
2021-04-19 kalikoFixed manual for Tags plugin
2021-04-19 kalikoUse duration instead of time in Track objects (closes...
2021-04-19 kalikoFixed bad pid in Uniq core plugin (closes #32)
2021-04-19 kalikoFixed examples
2021-02-21 kalikoFixed variable in info log message (typo introduced...
2021-02-20 kalikoExposes genres in Track objets
2021-02-19 kalikoFixed previous commit, cannot apply shuffle on MetaCont...
2021-02-19 kalikoAdd randomness in Tags plugin artist selection
2021-02-19 kalikoSome cleanup in log, get messages more uniform across...
2021-02-19 kalikoFixed plugin album_candidate method, missing loop break
2021-02-06 kalikoFixed "artist with quotes not found" (closes #41)
2021-02-05 kalikoRemove a, now useless, conditional import.
2021-02-05 kalikoFixed crashes with untagged title (closes #40)
2021-01-09 kalikoReleasing 0.16.1 0.16.1
2021-01-09 kalikoUpdate log string
2020-12-22 kalikoUse set-comprehension in simadb
2020-12-22 kalikoCleanup linter warnings
2020-12-21 kalikoUniform use of MetaContainer
2020-12-21 kalikoEnsure in MPD filters there is at least the minimum...
2020-12-20 kalikoFixed issues in reorg and album_candidate
2020-12-20 kalikoRemove dead clode from Tags plugin
2020-12-20 kalikoUpdate random plugin
2020-12-20 kalikoFixed bug in history plugin (24h db cleanup not fired)
2020-12-18 kalikoIntegrate pylint-gitlab and dependency scanning
2020-12-18 kalikoCleanup linter warnings
2020-12-18 kalikoMajor refactoring of Plugin class
2020-12-18 kalikoLower log message level
2020-12-17 kalikoMPD client: Update name and aliases in case of discrepancy
2020-12-17 kalikoAdd album queue mode to Tags plugin
2020-12-16 kalikoFixed some code style and comment
2020-12-16 kalikoUse window option in find request
2020-12-16 kalikoEnsure metadata used in filter are available (closes...
2020-12-16 kalikoFixed errors in documentation and bumped version
2020-12-15 kalikoAdd missing tags.cfg needed for building manual
2020-12-15 kalikoBump version
2020-12-15 kalikoReleasing 0.16.0 0.16.0
2020-12-15 kalikoFixed ancient INSTALL instructions
2020-12-15 kalikoinstall new manual test-tags-config.1
2020-12-15 kalikoBumped requests version
2020-12-15 kalikoAdd missing option to documentation, some improvements
2020-12-15 kalikoAdd test-tags-config helper
2020-12-15 kalikoAdd example config for tags plugin
2020-12-15 kalikoSome style formating
2020-12-15 kalikoDo no control empty filter
2020-12-15 kalikoAdd missing default config options for Tags
2020-12-15 kalikoAdd missing plugin config filtering
2020-12-15 kalikoTags plugin configuration check and test
2020-12-14 kalikoFixed typo
2020-12-14 kalikoDocument new offline autoqueue plugin based on file...
2020-12-14 kalikoAvoid empty tags entries in config, strip space around...
2020-12-14 kalikoControls MPD protocol version (need 0.21 at least for...
2020-12-14 kalikoStart work on new tags plugin
2020-12-12 kalikoAdd a PluginConfException
2020-12-12 kalikoFixed code smell
2020-12-12 kalikoSplit needed tags setup (regular/mbid)
2020-12-10 kalikoUpdate changelog: Need at least python 3.6
2020-12-10 kalikoTest commutativity fuzzy equality
2020-11-12 kalikoFixed JSONDecodeError with wrong http cached file ...
2020-09-26 kalikoFixed bug in history plugin
2020-09-01 kalikoUpdate (Closes #34)
2020-06-08 kalikoWorking around timeout…
2020-05-23 kalikoMPD client: set some log levels
2020-05-23 kalikoImproved history management
2020-05-21 kalikoBumped version
2020-05-20 kalikoFixed regression introduced with 8870413
2020-05-16 kalikoNeed at least python 3.6 (use of f-strings)
2020-05-16 kalikoMaking a dev release 0.16.0.dev0
2020-05-16 kalikoMPD client: Fixed bad changes introduce in 62332aa
2020-05-16 kalikoFixed code smell in webserv/find_top
2020-05-16 kalikoGet rid of a useless direct db call
2020-05-16 kalikoMPD client: Add cache in search_track (speedup top...
2020-05-15 kalikoGet rid of inefficient log string formatting
2020-05-15 kalikoMPD client: Improved search_track
2020-05-15 kalikoMPD client: Improved search_artist with name auto corre...
2020-05-15 kalikoMPD client: Improved album search
2020-05-14 kalikoCleanup code smell and update docstrings
2020-05-14 kalikoMPD client: Use tagtypes to control and set tags
2020-05-14 kalikoMPD client: Rewrote search_albums from scratch
2020-05-12 kalikoCleanup log calls/comments