2019-03-13 Kaliko JackReleasing v0.4.4 v0.4.4
2019-02-26 Kaliko JackUpdate changelog and copyright header
2019-02-26 Bart Van LoonAdded tcp socket connection timeout
2019-02-03 Kaliko JackUpdate documentation
2019-02-03 Kaliko JackAdd albumart command
2019-02-02 Kaliko JackFixed listfiles method
2019-02-02 Kaliko JackAdd "listfiles" and "tagtypes" commands
2019-01-31 Kaliko JackAdd a "Library overview" section in doc
2019-01-31 Kaliko Jackautopep8 style reformatting
2019-01-29 Kaliko JackBump version, update copyright
2019-01-29 Naglis JonaitisAdds support for partition commands
2018-12-28 Naglis JonaitisFixes typo in `musicpd.MPDClient` docstring
2018-11-17 Kaliko JackReleasing v0.4.3 v0.4.3
2018-11-17 Kaliko JackCleanup doc setting and build
2018-11-16 Kaliko JackFixed tests
2018-11-16 Kaliko Jackpassword is a command in MPD protocol...
2018-11-16 Kaliko JackMinor changes in build setup
2018-11-16 Kaliko JackImproved documentation
2018-11-14 Kaliko JackRemove useless GPL license file
2018-11-14 Kaliko JackAdd sphinx doc (closes #3)
2018-11-01 Kaliko JackAdd .gitlab-ci.yml
2018-11-01 Kaliko JackAdd suport for environment variables MPD_HOST/MPD_PORT...
2015-02-06 Kaliko JackAdd travis
2015-02-06 Kaliko JackUse of setuptools
2014-11-23 Kaliko JackReleasing v0.4.2 v0.4.2
2014-11-18 Kaliko JackMoved _iterator_wrapper to a decorator
2014-11-18 Kaliko JackUpdate tests, improve test on iterating
2014-11-17 Kaliko JackAdd config command
2014-11-17 Kaliko JackUpdate commands documentation
2014-11-16 Kaliko JackAdd rangeid command
2014-11-16 Kaliko JackAdd addtagid and cleartagid commands (MPD 0.19)
2014-11-07 Kaliko JackAdd mounts and neighbors commands (MPD 0.19)
2014-06-20 Kaliko JackAdd unittest
2014-06-19 Kaliko JackDocument range capability
2014-06-19 Kaliko JackAllow send_noidle to cancel idle as plain noidle does
2014-06-17 Kaliko JackFixed noidle command v0.4.1
2014-06-17 Kaliko JackDocument send_*/fetch_* and idle commands
2014-01-19 Kaliko JackAdd explicit file encoding for open in
2014-01-18 Kaliko JackAvoid potential dangerous default value [] as argument v0.4.0
2014-01-18 Kaliko JackReleasing v0.4.0
2014-01-15 Kaliko JackUpates changelog
2014-01-14 Kaliko JackAdd range capabilities
2013-11-15 Kaliko JackFixed documentation
2013-11-15 Kaliko JackAdd some pylint exclusions
2013-11-15 Kaliko JackFixed documentation
2013-11-12 Kaliko JackPreparing 0.4 release
2013-11-12 Kaliko JackAdd readcomments and toggleoutput commands
2013-06-02 Kaliko JackFixed py_modules in
2013-05-09 Kaliko JackEase unitesting with mock
2013-05-09 Kaliko JackRenamed project mpd→musicpd v0.3.1b
2013-04-15 Kaliko JackUse of hasattr instead of isinstance in disconnect
2013-04-15 Kaliko JackExplicit R/W utf-8 encoded bytes to socket
2013-04-15 Kaliko JackHandles better lost connections
2012-10-11 Kaliko JackUpdate changelog
2012-10-11 Kaliko JackNew commands
2012-10-04 kalikopython3 conversion
2010-12-14 J. Alexander... incrementing version number to 0.3.0 python2 v0.3.0
2010-12-14 J. Alexander... README.txt: removing warning about iterate = True
2010-12-14 J. Alexander... CHANGES.txt: adding more changes in prep for 0.3.0...
2010-12-14 J. Alexander... README.txt: updating URLs
2010-12-14 J. Alexander... if command retval is None, don't require fetching
2010-12-13 J. Alexander... adding replay_gain_mode and replay_gain_status commands
2010-12-13 J. Alexander... support commands with underscores
2010-12-13 J. Alexander... adding mixrampdb and mixrampdelay commands
2010-12-13 J. Alexander... adding findadd and rescan commands
2010-12-13 J. Alexander... adding decoders command
2010-12-13 J. Alexander... updating classifiers
2010-12-13 J. Alexander... doc/commands.txt: updating args
2010-12-13 J. Alexander... changing license to LGPL
2010-11-29 J. Alexander... adding sticker commands
2010-11-29 J. Alexander... adding support for spaces in command names
2010-11-29 J. Alexander... always compare self._sock to None
2010-11-29 J. Alexander... updating _connect_tcp() with new socket code
2010-07-15 J. Alexander... removing TODO.txt
2010-07-15 J. Alexander... CHANGES.txt: adding changes in prep for 0.3.0 release
2010-07-15 J. Alexander... clear command list if an exception is raised
2010-07-15 J. Alexander... unset iterating flag if an exception is raised
2010-07-15 J. Alexander... don't allow command_list_end if already iterating
2010-07-15 J. Alexander... set iterating flag before returning iterator
2010-07-15 J. Alexander... check if iterating before fetching response
2010-07-15 J. Alexander... remove superfluous StopIteration exceptions
2010-07-15 J. Alexander... README.txt: give an example that actually works
2010-07-15 J. Alexander... updating copyright years
2010-07-15 J. Alexander... updating URL
2010-07-15 J. Alexander... adding fileno() to export socket FD
2010-07-15 J. Alexander... tidying up _execute()
2010-07-15 J. Alexander... adding support for asynchronous commands
2009-09-11 J. Alexander... don't use has_key()
2009-09-11 J. Alexander... doc/commands.txt: updating to match the new internal API
2009-09-11 J. Alexander... internal API cleanup
2009-06-10 J. Alexander... raise ConnectionError if unix sockets aren...
2009-06-07 J. Alexander... preliminary unix socket support
2009-06-01 J. Alexander... adding consume and single commands
2009-06-01 J. Alexander... adding idle and noidle commands
2009-06-01 J. Alexander... adding listplaylists command
2009-06-01 J. Alexander... rearranging commands to match new protocol documentation
2008-06-30 J. Alexander... incrementing version number to 0.2.1 v0.2.1
2008-06-30 J. Alexander... CHANGES.txt: document change in previous commit
2008-06-30 J. Alexander... adding a workaround for systems missing socket...
2008-04-03 J. Alexander... incrementing version number to 0.2.0 v0.2.0