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Debian packaging
ncmpc-debian.git Debian packaging for ncmpc 5 days ago
libmpdclient-debian.git Debian packaging for libmpdclient 5 days ago
python-musicpd-debian.git Debian packaging for python-musicpd 3 weeks ago
mpd-sima-debian.git mpd-sima debian packaging 6 months ago
opentracker-debian.git opentracker debian packaging 3 years ago
ympd-debian.git Debian packaging for ympd 3 years ago
FLOSS clone
gentorrent.git Clone: 3 years ago
mpd-website.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the... 3 years ago
pleaseshare.git PleaseShare clone 3 years ago
Poezio Debian packaging
slixmpp.git slixmpp packaging 2 years ago
poezio.git poezio packaging 2 years ago
aiodns.git aiodns packaging 3 years ago
pycares.git pycares packaging 3 years ago
python-musicpd.git Python3 MPD client library 3 weeks ago
python-musicpdaio.git An MPD (Music Player Daemon) asynchronous client library written... 5 weeks ago
sima.git MPD_sima autoqueue client for MPD, cf. 3 months ago
sima-docker.git Script to build and run a docker image for MPD_sima 3 years ago
sid.git xmpp bot based on sleekxmpp 3 years ago
python-daemon.git Python daemon module - This module is used to fork the current... 5 years ago
python-seth.git Python daemon module - This module is used to fork the current... 5 years ago
sima-3k.git py3k portage of MPD_sima 5 years ago
scrobblerserver.git Alternative audioscrobbler server 5 years ago
mpd-goodies.git A set of Music Player Daemon toys written in python. 6 years ago