Add test for two worded commands (ie. "tagtypes clear")
[python-musicpd.git] /
2021-02-17 Kaliko JackAdd long description content type for
2020-12-30 Kaliko JackFixed missing comma in
2020-12-27 Kaliko JackUpdate project URLs
2018-11-16 Kaliko JackMinor changes in build setup
2018-11-14 Kaliko JackAdd sphinx doc (closes #3)
2018-11-01 Kaliko JackAdd suport for environment variables MPD_HOST/MPD_PORT...
2015-02-06 Kaliko JackUse of setuptools
2014-06-17 Kaliko JackFixed noidle command v0.4.1
2014-01-19 Kaliko JackAdd explicit file encoding for open in
2013-11-15 Kaliko JackFixed documentation
2013-11-15 Kaliko JackFixed documentation
2013-11-12 Kaliko JackPreparing 0.4 release
2013-11-12 Kaliko JackAdd readcomments and toggleoutput commands
2013-06-02 Kaliko JackFixed py_modules in
2013-05-09 Kaliko JackRenamed project mpd→musicpd v0.3.1b
2010-12-14 J. Alexander incrementing version number to 0.3.0 python2 v0.3.0
2010-12-13 J. Alexander updating classifiers
2010-12-13 J. Alexander Treumanchanging license to LGPL
2010-07-15 J. Alexander Treumanupdating copyright years
2010-07-15 J. Alexander updating URL
2008-06-30 J. Alexander incrementing version number to 0.2.1 v0.2.1
2008-04-03 J. Alexander incrementing version number to 0.2.0 v0.2.0
2008-02-28 J. Alexander commenting out license/platforms v0.1.0
2008-02-27 J. Alexander Treumanadding, setup.cfg, and