Add test for two worded commands (ie. "tagtypes clear")
[python-musicpd.git] /
2021-10-29 Kaliko JackAdd test for two worded commands (ie. "tagtypes clear")
2021-07-06 Kaliko JackRaises an exception if command contains '\n'
2021-02-19 Kaliko JackAdd tests for socket connections
2021-02-19 Kaliko JackImproved coverage on binary and fetch objects
2021-02-19 Kaliko JackUpdate commands list in test
2021-02-19 Kaliko JackAdd missing test for plain MPD_HOST=""
2021-02-18 Kaliko JackAdd test for command lists
2021-02-18 Kaliko JackMore robust MPD_HOST parsing
2021-02-18 Kaliko JackFixed env var with password only: MPD_HOST=pass@
2021-02-17 Kaliko JackAdd abstract unix socket support
2021-02-17 Kaliko JackBetter unit test for env. var.
2021-02-17 Kaliko JackImproved tests
2021-02-17 Kaliko JackHonor MPD_TIMEOUT environment variables (closes #11)
2020-12-05 Kaliko JackFixed 7cb6ba6, s/recv/read/
2020-12-04 Kaliko JackFixed albumart command
2019-02-03 Kaliko JackAdd albumart command
2019-01-29 Naglis JonaitisAdds support for partition commands
2018-11-16 Kaliko JackFixed tests
2018-11-01 Kaliko JackAdd suport for environment variables MPD_HOST/MPD_PORT...
2014-11-18 Kaliko JackUpdate tests, improve test on iterating
2014-11-16 Kaliko JackAdd rangeid command
2014-06-20 Kaliko JackAdd unittest