descriptionPython3 MPD client library
last changeFri, 23 Jul 2021 12:44:53 +0000 (14:44 +0200)

An MPD (Music Player Daemon) client library written in pure Python.

Please refer to the website of PyPI for more

The Forge:

2021-07-23 Kaliko JackFixed a typo dev master github/dev github/master v0.7.0
2021-07-07 Kaliko JackAdd socket timeout
2021-07-06 Kaliko JackRaises an exception if command contains '\n'
2021-05-28 Kaliko JackBumped version
2021-05-28 Kaliko JackReleasing v0.6.0 v0.6.0
2021-05-28 Kaliko JackAdd different version of python
2021-04-13 Kaliko JackAdd py 3.8 and py 3.9 to travis
2021-02-19 Kaliko JackUpdate CHANGES.txt
2021-02-19 Kaliko JackAdd tests for socket connections
2021-02-19 Kaliko JackImproved coverage on binary and fetch objects
2021-02-19 Kaliko JackUpdate commands list in test
2021-02-19 Kaliko JackAdd missing test for plain MPD_HOST=""
2021-02-19 Kaliko JackDocument fileno method
2021-02-18 Kaliko JackFixed typo in CHANGES.txt, some wording and URL
2021-02-18 Kaliko JackAdd test for command lists
2021-02-18 Kaliko JackAdd doc section about environment variables and defaults
3 months ago v0.7.0 Releasing v0.7.0
5 months ago v0.6.0 Releasing v0.6.0
9 months ago v0.5.1 Releasing v0.5.1
10 months ago v0.5.0 Releasing v0.5.0
2 years ago v0.4.4 v0.4.4
2 years ago v0.4.3 v0.4.3
6 years ago v0.4.2 v0.4.2
7 years ago v0.4.1
7 years ago v0.4.0
8 years ago v0.3.1b beta version of new py3 port
10 years ago v0.3.0 tagging v0.3.0
13 years ago v0.2.1 tagging v0.2.1
13 years ago v0.2.0 tagging v0.2.0
13 years ago v0.1.0 tagging v0.1.0
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